Office of Professional Standards
Lieutenant Todd Boisvert
Contact Number (401) 767-8834

The Woonsocket Police Department is committed to providing the citizens of Woonsocket with the most professional, courteous and trustworthy police personnel. In order to provide such a force, the Department has established an Office of Professional Standards. This Office, sometimes called the internal Affairs Office, has the basic task of investigating all complaints made against Police Personnel and civilian employees of the Woonsocket POlice Department. Professional Standards has also been tasked with the vocational development of the city's Police force.

In order to effectively conduct this assignment, the Professional Standards Office needs the input of not only the Supervisory staff of the department, but the general public as well. By receiving input from both of these sources, it is the goal of the Chief of Police and the Professional Standards Office to provide the citizens of Woonsocket with a well trained, disciplined, professional police force.

While it may be obvious how Police Supervisors train their personnel and ensure discipline, it may not be so obvious how the public can help. By providing complaint forms at several locations, citizens, who feel a member of this department wronged them or acted inappropriately, may file written reports with the Officer of Professional Standards. The Professional Standards Office thoroughly and objectively investigates all complaints received. The Lieutenant assigned to the Office conducts these investigations. The investigation is conducted without interference from any source within the department or anyone outside the department. When the investigation is complete, the Investigator makes a recommendation to the Chief of Police and his Command Staff on a proper course of action. This may range anywhere from no-action if the complaint is unfounded, to re-training if appropriate, and to suspension or termination if necessary. These complaints are essential to this agency if we wish to succeed in providing a well-disciplined, well-trained force.

You may obtain a complaint form from the following locations:

Woonsocket Police Department at 242 Clinton Street Woonsocket, Ri 02895

Woonsocket City Hall at 169 Main Street Woonsocket, RI 02895

You may also download the form: Complaint Form adobe

While it is important that we receive these complaints, it is equally important to receive praise or recognition for a job well done. Feel free to let the Professional Standards Office know about the good things our Officers are doing. They may be doing certain things in a unique way that can be taught to all of our personnel.

Download the form here: Commendation Form abobe

By working closely with the public, we can and will provide a Police Service that is unrivaled in excellence, integrity and professionalism.

Training Division
Lieutenant Norman Galipeau
Contact Number (401) 767-8858

The Training Division is responsible for all training of Woonsocket Police Department members whether it be in the form of In-Service Trainings, Roll-Call Trainings, or orientation of new recruits prior to attending the academy. Upon completing the academy officers are enrolled into the Field Training Program.  Each officer is paired with a Field Training Officer (FTO) for in depth on-the-job training.  Only upon completing the Field Training Program will the officers be allowed to work on their own.  Training, however, doesn’t stop there.  In the law enforcement field, training is never ending.  Officers are constantly updated in changes in the law whether it be in through legislation or recent court decisions.  Officers are also kept abreast of the latest in law enforcement techniques and strategies.  The most common forum for these trainings is in the form of weekly Roll-Call Training.  Each officer attends a thirty minute training session on a weekly basis.  Officers are also required to attend periodic recertifications such as TASER, Breathalyzer, Domestic Violence, Use of Force and Firearms to name a few.  It is the goal of the Training Division to ensure that the City of Woonsocket is served by the most qualified and well trained officers possible.