Vice Unit
Det. Lieutenant Kyle Stone
Contact Number (401) 767-8855

The Woonsocket Police Vice Squad's function is to investigate vice crimes, with a concentration on the illegal distribution of contraband narcotics.

The unit is also tasked with the enforcement of anti-prostitution laws, gambling laws, organized criminal gangs/ organizations, drug possession and distribution laws and all covert and undercover investigations.

The Vice unit receives multiple complaints a week from citizens of Woonsocket. These complaints are important in that they help us to build a data base of narcotic nuisances and persons of interest. Not all complaints and tips will end in an arrest, but the information gained may have a long lasting, positive result on multiple investigations.

All complaints will be assigned to a detective and investigated. These investigations are sometimes very complicated and in depth and may spark an investigation that lasts several months or even more than a year. Others may be unfounded complaints or complaints that can be rectified immediately.

If you suspect narcotic or prostitution activity please complete the form below. The Vice Unit will receive the information sent and investigate suspected/suspicious activity.